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Ask Your Attorney About Debt Collection

When it comes to collection of bad accounts, he will undoubtedly tell you, “turn them over to a reputable collection agency.”

To expect your attorney to act as a collection agency is to burden him with unprofitable work. And the ramifications of each bad debt require time, special skills, as well as on-going training.

Furthermore...A reputable commercial collection agency will:

...Collect your bad accounts on a contingency basis-no collection, no fee!
...Will specialize in commercial collection work and have a proven record with references.
...Will acquire knowledge of your business, your clients, your terms, etc., for his own effectiveness.
...Will be licensed and bonded with trust account disbursement monthly.


...Return capital to the business. (Note, if your net profit is 6%, you must find in new business, more than 16 times the bad debt loss to replace it.)

...Reduce or relieve salaried staff for other duties. (Outsourcing the collection function costs only upon results...and permits professional collectors for better results.)

...One clear deductible cost (our contingent fee) instead of salaries and benefits to house collection staff.


Time always works to the advantage of the debtor.

BCA's Collection Attorney Membership  - We have a vast network of experienced collection attorneys covering every city in the United States.  We call upon them to efficiently contact your debtor in their backyard and, if necessary, recommend and handle litigation in the proper jurisdiction.

From the NJ Judiciary, "NJ Courts" is a helpful page titled:

"Collecting A Money Judgement"