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Here's our address and phone number:

BCA Financial Services
P.O. Box 1037
Bloomfield, New Jersey  07003

Phone: (973) 429-7616   Fax:    (973) 860-1369

Would you like more information?
Cindi has been BCA's office manager for over 25 Years:

About Cindi...
 The American Collectors Association (ACA International) has awarded our  Office Manager (Cindi) a Certified Collector or "CC" degree. (You can e-mail her at any link you see her name)
She has completed the courses required to obtain such a degree, including the most difficult "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" FDCPA course.

BCA Financial Services has always complied with all federal and state collection laws, and in large part, we have Cindi to thank for their continued enforcement throughout the office

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