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Frequently Asked Collection Agency Questions:

Q: Does BCA Have a Contract?

     A: No, You list claims with BCA and if you are ever unhappy with our service you  can withdraw the account, or all of the accounts you have with BCA. However, on some tradelines or on a case by case basis, we may request a contract. Should you require one, we have one for you to view, or if you have your own, we will review it.


 Q:What is your success rate?

     A: BCA collects about half of all claims it lists. But this can vary greatly with every different type of business and of course, the age and size of account. The national average is about 20%

Q: How do you go about collecting?

     A: By practicing the consumer's federal law to the letter, with our own sense of decency and a appeal to the debtor's sense of fair play.

Q: How much do you charge?

     A: Our rates are standard to the industry. Somewhere between 25-50% of any amount collected. 
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Q: Do you list debtors on the Credit Bureau?

     A: Yes, but not disputes or accounts under the credit bureau's minimum.

Q: What about Court?, do you sue if they don't pay?

     A; Yes, but only with your permission and your check for the districts' court costs (which is added to the debtor's obligation). The debtor's jurisdiction may have differing costs.


Q: Do you collect bad checks?

     A: Yes, but they're treated similiar to a normal collection account.

Q: Can you (or we) charge interest?

     A: Yes, You or we can. Providing you've infomed your customer of this in writing at the outset. 

Q: Can you (or we) add your collection fees?

     A: Yes. Same as above. You must have spelled ot out, together with exact percentage, when the transaction began.

Q: Business debt. Can you get them personally.

     A: Sometimes. If they are not incorporated (proprietorship or partnership) or you had them sign a "personal guarantee" at the outset.

Q: What about corporations?

     A: Yes, but be careful, they're just a piece of paper sometimes.

Q: WHEN should I turn over a collection account to you.

     A: Think about it. Three months, three billings, no response, no payment, no returned calls. It's your call but the rule of thumb is 90 days to 150 days.

Q: What if I turn over a collection to you and they pay me?

     A: You are still responsible for our fee. In fact, if a debtor insists on paying you, we won't stop them. Our only goal is to get the money over to your side of the table.

Q: Do I need to give you a Social Security Number?

     A: It really helps, but is not mandatory.

Q: How long do you take to collect?

     A: One claim, which we obtained a Judgment, we recovered 12 years later when debtor liquidated his only asset, his home.
Normally, we should have answers on 60 days or much less.

Q: What if I never get paid from my debtor?

     A: All business carries some risk. We will all take some unavoidable losses. Your accountant will guide you through the loss process.

Q: Do you handle all businesses?

     A: Yes, however we don't handle gambling debts, real estate or personal loans.

Q: What is the Statute of Limitations on debts?

     A: New Jersey: 6 years. New York: 6 years Pennsylvania 4 years