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                                                                                                                         Welcome to BCA Financial Services - A New Jersey Bonded                                                                        Collection  Agency  

                                                 Operating continually since 1968                                                                          

Handling all money collection matters throughout the world. Commercial - Retail - Medical. 

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BCA Financial Services has long been involved in the New Jersey Association of Collection Agencies (NJACA).


American Collectors Association- 38-year member.                                        

New Jersey Association of Collection Agencies- 38-year member.    

PLUS: Our new NJACA Site (in progress)  


BCA collectors operate a relatively small shop that brings collection intensity and expertise to every claim it attempts to collect.


Commercial claims (business to business) are a specialty, but all consumer collections are handled diligently and effectively

with respect to the debtor and their rights under FDCPA (The Federal Collection Law). 

Who uses BCA Financial Services:

Every business operation from Architectural firms to X-Ray Laboratories are candidates for BCA Financial Services expertise. 


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MEMBER OF Experian Credit Bureau

A Lifesaver for N.J. Victims of Hurricane Sandy
New Jersey Association of Collection Agencies